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Kevin Williams may be a power player at GM Canada, but he’ll never forget his humble beginnings

The motivational story of Kevin Williams’ rise for a poor child from a rough neighborhood to one of the most powerful players at General Motors.

Car Porn: Aston Martin DBS and V8 Vantage

by Kay Layne It is a week to Christmas so this time I am presenting two lovely porn stars. They are Aston Martin siblings; the DBS and the V8 Vantage. What I love… Continue reading

Car Porn: Koenigsegg Agera

By Kay Layne   It is Friday, the weekend is upon us and it is time for a bit of car porn. The star of choice this week is the Koenigsegg Agera.  … Continue reading

Toyota Sienna – Swagger Wagon

by Kay Layne I must come clean.  While the logical part of me sees the many virtues and uses of minivans, I silently promised my cooler, fun loving part that I shall never… Continue reading

New Powerful “Green-ish” Bentley

By Kay Layne The good folks over at Bentley said today that they will be unveiling their new Supercar on March 3rd. They are not saying much, but they claim it will be… Continue reading

Move over General Motors, Toyota is number 1

By Kay Layne For the first time in decades Toyota Motor Corp. has outsold General Motors Corp. to become the world’s biggest automaker. Toyota outsold GM in 2008. There was another first for… Continue reading

Toyota unveils the 2010 Prius

by Kay Layne The 2009 North American International Auto show is presently underway in Detroit. This year the big buzz is around all the new hybrids and electric vehicles. Today at the show… Continue reading

Hyundai’s Latest Incentive Plan

Can’t pay for your car…. No problem Hyundai has a new incentive plan that will allow you to give your car back should you lose your job. Check out the following video for… Continue reading

List of the most frequently stolen cars in Canada for 2008

By Kay Layne We now know which vehicles were most frequently stolen in Canada this year. The Insurance Board of Canada published its findings.  What did you think made the top of the charts?… Continue reading

Part two: Buick Enclave Road Test

by Kay Layne A few years ago, if you told anyone that General Motors would have a SUV or CUV that would compete against Lexus, you would have been laughed at or place… Continue reading

The lighter side of gas.

Cartoons from all over…

Interview with Buick’s Michael Burton

By Kay Layne Part One: Learning about the “Man” who is trying to bring back the brand. I had the good fortune of chatting with Michael Burton, a Director at General Motors and… Continue reading

Retractable Studded Tires

by Kay Layne I realize that the last thing most people in the northern parts of North America want to think about is snow. Not too long ago, record amounts of snow fell… Continue reading

Helping you find your Zenn, Canada’s electric car.

by Kay Layne To conclude my series on “greenish’’ vehicles, I shall actually profile a real “green” vehicle. Canada is a great land with great exports. There is the big stuff like forestry… Continue reading