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Audi R18

Audi takes the R-18 to the Le Mans.

Honda Jazz (Fit) Hybrid

by Kay Layne Honda’s latest and cheapest hybrid was announced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The Honda Jazz is known as the Honda Fit in North America. The new hybrid is priced… Continue reading

Toyota unveils the 2010 Prius

by Kay Layne The 2009 North American International Auto show is presently underway in Detroit. This year the big buzz is around all the new hybrids and electric vehicles. Today at the show… Continue reading

GM’s Volt – Electricity hits the streets.

Hopefully this car will come to be. First of all, we have a very cash strapped General Motors. Will a government bailout come in the nick of time? Secondly, the Volt a plug-in… Continue reading

Environmentally friendly big honking SUVs- The Hydrogen Hummer and Hybrid Escalade

Go big, go “greenish” by Kay Layne This one is for all of you who sent emails about my “Greenish” Lambo article. I think the whole “Greenish” concept would make a really cool… Continue reading

Going Greenish

By Kay Layne  Today actually started out white and snowy for me and many other parts of North America. However, things are beginning to look a little green.  First of all in Shanghai, General… Continue reading