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Automotive Journalism Can Hurt – #EpicFail

One of the joys of being and automotive journalist is the test drives. Automotive car-makers lend us vehicles to test. In turn we share with you our thoughts. This is a win-win situation until a car losses a hub cab or worst.

In the spirit of full disclosure while I have never crashed a car, I did cause a dent/scratch on a Chevy Volt. While the damage to the car was not that large, it did cause a huge hole in my ego. I rolled over a large rock or piece of cement that scratched the skirt of the car. My perfect record is now gone. My bragging rights tarnished. We take a look at some spectacular crashes.

Move over General Motors, Toyota is number 1

By Kay Layne For the first time in decades Toyota Motor Corp. has outsold General Motors Corp. to become the world’s biggest automaker. Toyota outsold GM in 2008. There was another first for… Continue reading