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First Quick Peek – Montreal NASCAR

Here is a quick look at the Montreal NASCAR. A much more detailed video to come.

In Print – Education needed for higher speed limits

By Kay Layne, QMI Agency Sometimes you just want to get from “A” to “B” in the least amount of time. The Texas Department of Transportation is in the process of raising the… Continue reading

Who wants to ride on this highway?

Not sure if this is a real highway. Or if the highway really looks like this. It seems photo shopped. If it is real then it is another thing to add to my… Continue reading

Breathalyzer Tests Now Required On all Vehicles In France

In France all vehicles must now carry a chemical or electronic breathalyzer. Officials are hoping this would help reduce drinking and driving. Authorities say that alcohol has been the main cause of mortality… Continue reading

In Print – Chevy Volt Shines and Fizzles

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let us start with the good. The Chevrolet Volt has won yet another award. At the Geneva Motor show, the plug-in hybrid… Continue reading

An Audi Smile

Sometimes you just need a little automotive silliness to get you through your day.  Thanks to  for the following ditty. Lyrics to Saudis in Audis… Hey there hotty, hey there cutie want a ride… Continue reading

Shoot out to the Westside Tree-huggers! Prius!

Bad boys ride in Prii (Yes, according to Toyota the plural for Prius is Prii).

Honda Ad

Honda Ad

I do not know who created these ads but kudos. I am loving them. It is funny when you speak different languages, you always assume no one knows what you are saying. I have been burnt like this many a times. Enjoy this one.


Car Porn: Aston Martin DBS and V8 Vantage

by Kay Layne It is a week to Christmas so this time I am presenting two lovely porn stars. They are Aston Martin siblings; the DBS and the V8 Vantage. What I love… Continue reading

Car Porn: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

A review of Maserati’s GranTurismo MC Stradale, both in words and video.

Car Porn: McLaren MP4-12C

We take a look at the McLaren MP4 12C. This supercar weighs in a 2 866 pounds. Underneath its curvy exterior is a mid-mounted McLaren M838T 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbo engine, which pumps out 592 horsepower and 443 lbs of torque.

The MP4-12C has a 7-speed Seamless Shift dual –clutch transmission. Drivers can preselect the next gear by pulling a paddle shifter located behind the steering wheel. This McLaren also incorporates other Formula 1 technologies such as brake steer. This is used when cornering, the inside wheel is braked to reduce understeer. This McLaren will hit North American shores mid 2011 with a base price of $225 000 US.

Luxury vehicles on auction block after being seized for street racing

The ultimate Black Friday Sale. In North Vancouver, British Columbia, police seized a $235,000 Ferrari Scuderia and a $75,000 BMW M6  after the owners were charged with doing about 200 km/h  in a 60 km/h… Continue reading

Car Porn: the Pagani Zonda

Some days we just need a little pick- me-up.  A little something to raise our spirits, our moods. I hear your silent pleas.  I do what I do for you. So inspired by… Continue reading

Honda Jazz (Fit) Hybrid

by Kay Layne Honda’s latest and cheapest hybrid was announced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The Honda Jazz is known as the Honda Fit in North America. The new hybrid is priced… Continue reading


By Kay Layne Happy Days are here again! I am happy to announce that the worst of global recession is over! Now you are probably wondering how I can claim to such a… Continue reading

Damsels of Design’

Women Automotive Designers

Here is an interesting article by Stuart Schwartzapfel about women automotive designers. While I do not agree one hundred percent with some of the over simplified reasons given to explain why women have… Continue reading

The new ‘Gullwing’ – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

by Kay Layne Okay, this is the first article that I have ever written that does not require sentences. AMG 563hp 479 pound-feet of torque V8 motor coupled with a unique 7 speed… Continue reading

Move over General Motors, Toyota is number 1

By Kay Layne For the first time in decades Toyota Motor Corp. has outsold General Motors Corp. to become the world’s biggest automaker. Toyota outsold GM in 2008. There was another first for… Continue reading

Toyota unveils the 2010 Prius

by Kay Layne The 2009 North American International Auto show is presently underway in Detroit. This year the big buzz is around all the new hybrids and electric vehicles. Today at the show… Continue reading

Hyundai’s Latest Incentive Plan

Can’t pay for your car…. No problem Hyundai has a new incentive plan that will allow you to give your car back should you lose your job. Check out the following video for… Continue reading

List of the most frequently stolen cars in Canada for 2008

By Kay Layne We now know which vehicles were most frequently stolen in Canada this year. The Insurance Board of Canada published its findings.  What did you think made the top of the charts?… Continue reading

GM’s Volt – Electricity hits the streets.

Hopefully this car will come to be. First of all, we have a very cash strapped General Motors. Will a government bailout come in the nick of time? Secondly, the Volt a plug-in… Continue reading

iPhone Automotive Applications

I must admit that I am somewhat “cellular-ly” challenged. I get a cell phone, learn its features and use the phone. I will continue to use the phone until one of the following… Continue reading

Part two: Buick Enclave Road Test

by Kay Layne A few years ago, if you told anyone that General Motors would have a SUV or CUV that would compete against Lexus, you would have been laughed at or place… Continue reading

The lighter side of gas.

Cartoons from all over…

Interview with Buick’s Michael Burton

By Kay Layne Part One: Learning about the “Man” who is trying to bring back the brand. I had the good fortune of chatting with Michael Burton, a Director at General Motors and… Continue reading

Retractable Studded Tires

by Kay Layne I realize that the last thing most people in the northern parts of North America want to think about is snow. Not too long ago, record amounts of snow fell… Continue reading

Helping you find your Zenn, Canada’s electric car.

by Kay Layne To conclude my series on “greenish’’ vehicles, I shall actually profile a real “green” vehicle. Canada is a great land with great exports. There is the big stuff like forestry… Continue reading

Environmentally friendly big honking SUVs- The Hydrogen Hummer and Hybrid Escalade

Go big, go “greenish” by Kay Layne This one is for all of you who sent emails about my “Greenish” Lambo article. I think the whole “Greenish” concept would make a really cool… Continue reading

This makes me want go “greenish”. The New Lambo LP560-4

  By Kay Layne For all of you tree-huggers out there, here is a vehicle for you. Lamborghini has introduced a more environmental friendly version of the very popular Gallardo. The LP560-4 weighs… Continue reading