Automotive Journalism Can Hurt – #EpicFail

One of the joys of being and automotive journalist is the test drives. Automotive car-makers lend us vehicles to test. In turn we share with you our thoughts. This is a win-win situation until a car losses a hub cab or worst.

In the spirit of full disclosure while I have never crashed a car, I did cause a dent/scratch on a Chevy Volt. While the damage to the car was not that large, it did cause a huge hole in my ego. I rolled over a large rock or piece of cement that scratched the skirt of the car. My perfect record is now gone. My bragging rights tarnished.

Ouch, did I do that?

Ouch, did I do that?

The only thing that saves my soul is that other journalists have done far, far worst.

Take a look.

On a very serious note a few reporters have lost their lives behind the wheel.

One of my favorite journalist,  Rich Hammond of the BBC’s Top Gear was lucky to walk away from this.