In Print – Education needed for higher speed limits

By Kay Layne, QMI Agency

Sometimes you just want to get from “A” to “B” in the least amount of time. The Texas Department of Transportation is in the process of raising the speed limit on a stretch of highway in Austin to 85 mph (136.8 km/h). That would make it the fastest in North America and one of the fastest stretches in the world (outside of some 140 km/h motorways in Eastern Europe and the U.A.E., some 150 km/h Autostrade in Italy and, of course, German Autobahns that have sections with no speed limits.

By any speed necessary

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The speed demon inside of me feels that outside of the city core 140 km/h does not seem unreasonably fast. There was a group in Ontario – – that tried to get the Ministry of Transportation to raise the speed limits to 120 km/h, claiming that excessive speed only accounts for 6.6 per cent of all traffic fatalities and that increased speeds would not decrease highway safety. They also state that 100 km/h is one of the slowest limits in the world. Most of Europe and parts of the states have highway limits of 120 km/h. However Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli would not even entertain the idea stating that “Ontario has the safest roads in North America and we want to keep it that way.”

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