Breathalyzer Tests Now Required On all Vehicles In France

In France all vehicles must now carry a chemical or electronic breathalyzer. Officials are hoping this would help reduce drinking and driving.

Portable Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers now required in France

Authorities say that alcohol has been the main cause of mortality on roads. It seems about a third of fatalities on French roads is due to drink driving, a rate that far surpasses the 17 percent recorded in Britain or 10 percent in Germany.

While some applaud the law others feel it is a money making scheme. Allegedly the chief of the road safety group that persuaded Nicolas Sarkozy’s government to adopt the ruling is also a senior executive with the leading manufacturer of the blow-in-the-bag test kits.

The law kicked in July 1st, however according to a survey published by AFP one day one just over half of respondents — 57 percent — said they have yet to equip their vehicles with breathalyzer tests.

I guess we shall if this curbs drinking and driving rates. If it does, guess we may see other countries adopting similar policies.