Luxury vehicles on auction block after being seized for street racing

The ultimate Black Friday Sale.

Ferrari being seized

Ferrari being seized

In North Vancouver, British Columbia, police seized a $235,000 Ferrari Scuderia and a $75,000 BMW M6  after the owners were charged with doing about 200 km/h  in a 60 km/h zone. Police claim that the Ferrari narrowly missed a mother walking with her children.

When caught, the drivers were given a 15 day license suspension and their cars were impounded.

BMW being seized in BC

BMW being seized in BC

Under B.C.’s “strengthened civil forfeiture law”  the courts can seize the cars  on the grounds that the vehicles were street racing and the drivers showed “disregard for the safety of others on the road”;  and there “was potential for catastrophic injury or death.”

RCMP Supt. Tonia Enger, vice-president of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police believes that they drivers received a just decision. “Had one of these vehicles lost control, there would have been a fatality or fatalities, without question.”

The BMW will be sold at a government auction while a local dealership has agreed to buy the Ferrari for $235,000.

That being said, the drivers are not being left penniless. Fifty per cent of the proceeds of the Ferrari sale will go to a relative of the driver who was part owner of the vehicle but not involved in the incident. The driver will get 30 per cent, and the province will take the remaining 20 per cent.

In the case of the BMW, storage fees and repaying a bank debt will be paid first then seventy percent will go to the driver, with another 30 per cent going to the province.