iPhone Automotive Applications

I must admit that I am somewhat “cellular-ly” challenged. I get a cell phone, learn its features and use the phone. I will continue to use the phone until one of the following two things happen; I break the phone or my brother gets embarrassed that I am still using the outdated model and switches it.

So when some of my friends took the day off and lined up for iPhones, I must admit that I did not quite get the hype. (Kind of like the New Kids on the Block’s comeback tour, however I digress.)

Wouldn't Soon to be Middle Aged Men on the Street or STBMAMOTS be a more appropriate name?

Wouldn't Soon to be Middle Aged Men on the Street or STBMAMOTS be a more appropriate name?

When not writing about cars, I work in a financial news station. Chatter about the new iPhone was everywhere, I wonder if Jesus will get such press when he comes back. Once again I digress.

If you don’t want to join them the least one could do is understand them. So I decided to see what cool applications the iPhone has for the automotive world.

GPS Mapping

Now instead of calling someone and asking for directions or “Mapquest-ing” on your phone; the new iPhone comes with GPS enabled mapping. The cell can tell you where you are, where to go (Yellow pages) and how to get there. You can plot travel times, routes, and where to full up. Now before you throw you car nav system out of the window, the phone has one draw back, no voice controls. So it can not be used while driving unless you have a co-pilot in the passenger’s seat.


For all of you forget people who misplace things like you car, G-Park allows you to bookmark where you left your vehicle. No more roaming around aimlessly like a Seinfeld episode. And for all of you early adopters who ran out last year and paid three times as much for the old iPhone as this years model, don’t despair. While your phone doesn’t have GPS like this years model it will still work due to cell tower triangulation and WiFi. So while your phone is sooooo ten minutes ago, you will still be able to find your car.

So cheers to all of you who managed to get your new toy despite line ups and servers crashes. I would do the same for one week in a Pagani Zonda.

One week is all I ask...

One week is all I ask...

Also check out this really good article that discusses which vehicles are iPhone friendly.