Helping you find your Zenn, Canada’s electric car.

by Kay Layne

To conclude my series on “greenish’’ vehicles, I shall actually profile a real “green” vehicle.

Canada is a great land with great exports. There is the big stuff like forestry and oil. Then there is bigger stuff like comedians, Mike Meyers, Jim Carrey and Russell Peters, to name a few.

Well move over Celine, there is something else that is placing the Great White North on the map. Canada is becoming known for its Canadian cars. I am not talking about the ones built in Windsor or Oshawa. I am talking about the ones made in the land of “poutine”. I am talking about a Canuck carmaker, Zenn Motor Company


Zenn stands for zero emissions, no noise and are the makers of luxury NEV-neighborhood electric vehicles.Zenn Motors is headquartered in Ontario, the cars are manufactured in Quebec. These zippy electric Canadian cars are made in Canada just cannot be driven in Canada.


Yes, you read that right. You see even though they have met all the requirements set forth by Transport Canada and have received the National Safety Mark, they still have to be approved by each province. Only British Columbia has low speed regulations in place. However, if you wish to purchase and/or drive one of these cars then all you have to do as a Canadian is head south. Zenn cars are legal in 45 of the 50 States.


The Zenn will take you 60 kilometres per charge and plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet. That works out to just two cents per kilometer.

 The car is cute and cheap however it is a low speed vehicle and tops out at around 60kph. It was made to zip around urban cores, not the open road. It produces no emissions and next to no noise. I have driven hybrids, and I must admit that the no noise feature is quite cool.


Unlike other NEVs that look like glorified golfcarts, the Zenn is boxy two seater compact car. It comes equipped with electric windows, a stereo in the dash, a huge sunroof, aluminum wheels and room for groceries in the back.

So there you have it a “green” car to end my “greenish” series. Have a wonderful “green” St. Patrick’s Day.