Environmentally friendly big honking SUVs- The Hydrogen Hummer and Hybrid Escalade

Go big, go “greenish”

by Kay Layne

This one is for all of you who sent emails about my “Greenish” Lambo article.

I think the whole “Greenish” concept would make a really cool movement. Yes, for all of you who aren’t ready to completely go “green”… come join us on the “Greenish” side of the fence.

To my darling Trevor who left a message asking what’s next, an environmentally friendly Hummer or a hybrid Escalade? What a brilliant idea.

Let us start with the Hummer.


Back in 2004, General Motors created a hydrogen powered Hummer H2. It is currently driven around town by the “Terminator turned Governor” Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The H2H works off of a hydrogen powered supercharged version of its regular 6.0-liter V-8 engine, but this hydrogen vehicle’s only emission is water vapors.

Now to be honest Arnie can’t go too far. He can only cruise around Cali with its Hydrogen Highway Network.

As for the hybrid Escalade – it is coming to a dealership near you. (I shall call you, Trevor when I test drive it.)


The luxury “Grenish” SUV is powered by a 2-Mode hybrid system and promises 45% improvement in fuel economy when darting around the city. On the highways expect to see a savings of 20%.


This monster hybrid comes in both two or four wheel drive. Towing wise the two wheel drive can haul 6000lbs and 5700lbs in four wheel drive. (This is important to all you soccer moms and rappers who need a truck this size.)

I was unable to find out the pricing at this time but stay tuned and I will update you. (I know you are chomping at the bit for this one, Trev.)